Education on collaborative divorce

How do I educate my spouse on collaborative divorce?

In some situations, one spouse knows a lot about collaborative divorce. They might know of other friends or family members who have used it with great success. They might have read about it. They might have done some research on collaborative divorce and found it appealing. But in some situations where a divorce is inevitable, …

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Discreet, tailored divorce

Looking for a Discreet, Tailored Divorce?

Are you considering divorce, but scared about others learning the private, intimate details of your marital problems?  Selling a family business and hoping to keep the divorce discreet to lessen any negative potential impact on its sale?  Facing difficulty with determining a co-parenting plan that is workable for both parents and the child, when one child has …

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Active listening and collaborative divorce

Active Listening in Collaborative Practice

The collaborative process has several benefits to offer its participants with respectful communication being a key component. Throughout the collaborative process, the parties will engage in discussions as part of settlement negotiations and with the emphasis on the parties expressing their interests. The process of the parties expressing their respective interests and goals (over that …

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Participation Agreement

What is a participation agreement?

At the beginning of a collaborative case, one of the most important tasks is for both parties to sign a participation agreement. A participation agreements sets forth all the terms of the collaborative process. This document is signed at the beginning of the collaborative process. There are many different terms normally part of a participation agreement. …

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“Collaborative divorce” not a catch-phrase

Many when they hear about collaborative divorce are not sure what this term means. Many think “collaborative divorce” is basically a catch-phrase. They think the phrase means the same as the phrases uncontested divorce, non contested divorce, simple divorce, etc. They do not realize that collaborative divorce is a unique way in which to resolve …

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Missouri Collaborative Divorce

Kirk Stange Featured In Article In Town & Style on Collaborative Divorce

Recently, Kirk Stange was featured in an article in Town & Style where he discussed collaborative divorce in an article titled: Collaborative Divorce: A Possible Alternative.  The article also talks about the formation of the Missouri Collaborative Institute. Find out more about collaborative divorce and the Missouri Collaborative Institute by clicking the link above. 

CLE on Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce Process – CLE Course Materials

On February 18, 2019, Kirk Stange presented for myLawCLE on The Collaborative Divorce Process. This seminar covered what collaborative process is, how it works, the benefits and the limitations. The hope was to educate others in the legal community about how collaborative practice works to spread the word and help make collaborative practice more prominent. …

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