Kirk C. Stange & John D. Kershman to Teach CLE for Strafford Publications, Inc.

On Wednesday, June 6th, St. Louis Collaborative Law Attorney and President of the Missouri Collaborative Institute Kirk C. Stange, along with Board of Directors member John D. Kershman, will be teaching a CLE for Strafford Publications on The Collaborative Divorce Process: Benefits and Limitations of Non-Judicial, Non-Adversarial Divorce Proceedings. This CLE will be a live 90-minute webinar with interactive Q&A that will take place from 1:00pm-2:30pm EDT.

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Collaborative Divorce: Why do I Need a Team of Professionals?

A Divorce typically involves complex legal, financial, and emotional components that without a team of professionals to assist in the process of maneuvering through these issues can be overwhelming and result in an outcome that is not workable for either party.  To overcome the complex nature of the Divorce process, you may choose to hire a team of professional to conduct a Collaborative Divorce.  The three most common professionals involved in the Collaborative Divorce process includes: (1) a Coach, (2) Legal Counsel for each party, and (3) a Financial Neutral.

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Financial neutral can help with complex finances

When individuals are going through divorce with complex finances, it is important to have a thorough analysis conduct to ensure that any settlement in divorce is fair and just.

Many individuals want to settle their divorce matter. The reality, however, is that it can be critical to have proper valuations of various assets. From the house, to the cars, to the investments and retirement accounts, it is simply to vital to know what these assets are worth.

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Collaborative practice can assist in a wide-range of family law matters

When lots of individuals think about collaborative practice, they often think of collaborative divorce. After all, there are more and more individuals out there who are looking to resolve their divorce amicably outside of court.

However, collaborative practice isn’t limited to helping in divorce matters only. Collaborative practice can aside in all kinds of family law matters.

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Collaborative divorce can prevent future litigation

When many think about the idea of a collaborative divorce, they can wonder about the benefits of trying to resolve a case collaboratively.  Some can even contemplate the idea of two collaborative lawyers and the professionals that can help (mental health and financial professionals) can can wonder if all of that is needed.

Some might also worry potentially about the cost of having a team of collaborative professionals assist. Some might think that it might not be necessary.

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What if we don’t get along? Is the Collaborative process right for me?

Whether it is over an item mislabeled at the grocery store, or who will be next for seating at a crowded restaurant. Even generally speaking, resolving disputes for many people is not easy. Most of us can agree that the myriad of reasons for couples splitting apart can give rise to a variety of potential roadblocks on the path to resolution.

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Collaborative divorce is not a flat-fee, uncontested divorce

Many believe that collaborative divorce is just another name for an uncontested, flat fee divorce. This is not the case.

The difference is stark. Some law firms may advertise a flat fee, uncontested divorce services where there are not many assets, no kids and where there is total agreement on all the terms. Generally, one party has an attorney and the other has no legal representation.

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Plan for a Bright Future with a Collaborative Divorce

Do you have friends in the process of a divorce who are fighting over everything, including your friendship?  Have you heard the nightmare story from your relative about battling his spouse during a child exchange?  Do you cringe when you hear about your friend’s uncomfortable experience during her divorce Trial?

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An alternative to adversarial divorce

A divorce does not have to be a heated court battle where one person feels like they won and one feels like they lost. Too often, in a contested divorce, both parties end up feeling like the case did not go the way they wanted.

An option to a litigated divorce is known as collaborative divorce. There are many pros to collaborative divorce. For example, the parties are better able to put inter control, versus the court’s control, the terms on vital issues.

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