Discreet, tailored divorce

Looking for a Discreet, Tailored Divorce?

Are you considering divorce, but scared about others learning the private, intimate details of your marital problems?  Selling a family business and hoping to keep the divorce discreet to lessen any negative potential impact on its sale?  Facing difficulty with determining a co-parenting plan that is workable for both parents and the child, when one child has extraordinary medical issues requiring significant knowledge and ability to care for the child? Has your spouse had an extramarital affair and you worry this will harm your ability to function emotionally during the divorce process?  These are common questions and concerns of those facing the divorce process.  Have no fear, there is an option for you: Collaborative Divorce. 

The collaborative divorce process allows husband and wife to work with a team of professionals in a private setting with confidentiality at the forefront of each meeting.  In fact, it is important to note that no divorce pleadings are filed with the Court until a full agreement is reached between the parties, which is essential to the privacy of your case because it prevents husband and/or wife from immediately slinging mud in the Court system, allowing the public to read your filings online.  

Again, the purpose is to keep salacious details out of Court, maintain privacy, and work with a team of professionals in an open, honest setting to find an agreement that is workable for both parties and to maintain a semblance of a family dynamic that works for the children into the future.

The professionals involved in the collaborative divorce process include an attorney for each party (husband and wife), a divorce coach who is a licensed therapist in charge of facilitating each meeting and assisting the parties with their feelings and emotions throughout the process, a financial advisor who will sift through all of the financial information provided openly by the parties, and, if necessary, a child specialist who will assist the parties in determining a detailed, tailored parenting plan. 

Attorneys and other professionals who handle collaborative divorce maintain certifications for this process and receive related continuing education each year to preserve a high standard and obtain an outcome that is best for the divorcing couple.

If you are interested in a collaborative divorce, you can contact MCI today online.

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