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What is Collaborative Divorce in Missouri?  

Collaborative Divorce is a process for couples where each of them hires a collaboratively trained attorney to assist them in reaching an amicable settlement that meets the needs and interests of all involved. The couple and their lawyers agree to resolve the issues privately and confidentially outside of court. This is achieved by everyone agreeing to work together cooperatively, above-board, and in good faith to find mutually agreeable solutions that address the needs and interests of everyone in the family.

What are some benefits of a Collaborative Divorce in Missouri? 

Divorce proceedings do not have to be contentious court battles where one party is typically declared the “winner” and the other party the “loser.” An alternative to traditional divorce litigation is collaborative divorce. There are many benefits of collaborative divorce, including the ability to help control and reach an agreement on your most important issues.

Many couples are increasingly turning to collaborative divorce when their marriages end. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse hires a trained collaborative lawyer. Spouses sit down with their lawyers and talk through matters. Often, they bring in additional professionals who can lend their perspectives. These include divorce coaches, financial neutrals and psychologists.

Five Advantages of St. Louis, Missouri Collaborative Divorce

1. You have more control over the outcome of your matter. You can voice your opinions and be heard. The final decision of your future and your children’s future depends upon you, not on a judge.
2. There is less stress and anxiety involved because you are playing a more active role in the divorce, you are informed and apart of the outcome.
3. You can agree on settlement issues that are based on compromise instead of having a judge make the final decisions that affect your lives forever.
4. The process protects the children more. Children are often caught in the middle of the divorce process which makes them unintentional victims as a result. The collaborative law process helps protect children from this very real threat.
5. Problem Solving is Focus. Issues are approached from a problem-solving perspective rather than an adversarial one. The parties are viewed as participating in the process as a team. The exchange of information is complete, informal and honest.

Why Consider Enlisting a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer or Other Professional: 

•  They emphasize the needs of kids first and above all else.
•  They avoid going to court in a litigated setting.
•  They keep control of the process with the individuals.
•  They provide an opportunity for open communication.
•  They utilize a problem-solving approach.
•  They identify and deal with interests and concerns of any kind.
•  They help prepare you and your children for a new life.

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