Kirk C. Stange, Esq.

Kirk Stange is a Founding Partner at Stange Law Firm, PC.

Participation Agreement

What is a participation agreement?

At the beginning of a collaborative case, one of the most important tasks is for both parties to sign a participation agreement. A participation agreements sets forth all the terms of the collaborative process. This document is signed at the beginning of the collaborative process. There are many different terms normally part of a participation agreement. …

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“Collaborative divorce” not a catch-phrase

Many when they hear about collaborative divorce are not sure what this term means. Many think “collaborative divorce” is basically a catch-phrase. They think the phrase means the same as the phrases uncontested divorce, non contested divorce, simple divorce, etc. They do not realize that collaborative divorce is a unique way in which to resolve …

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Missouri Collaborative Divorce

Kirk Stange Featured In Article In Town & Style on Collaborative Divorce

Recently, Kirk Stange was featured in an article in Town & Style where he discussed collaborative divorce in an article titled: Collaborative Divorce: A Possible Alternative.  The article also talks about the formation of the Missouri Collaborative Institute. Find out more about collaborative divorce and the Missouri Collaborative Institute by clicking the link above. 

High net worth individuals should consider collaborative divorce

Some individuals going through a divorce might have a high net worth. They might have lots of assets.  From trust assets, business interest, vacation properties, investment and retirement accounts, those going through a divorce with lucrative assets might have lots of concerns. Collaborative divorce can help individuals with a high net worth. Individuals with substantial …

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Limited scope representation

Collaborative divorce lawyers work on a limited scope representation

When considering whether to opt for a collaborative divorce versus a litigated divorce, some are not sure what the incentive is for the lawyers to get the case settled. Some think that the lawyers might not try hard to get the case settled. In other words, they may worry that the lawyers may not fret …

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Missouri Collaborative Institute

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