“Collaborative divorce” not a catch-phrase

Many when they hear about collaborative divorce are not sure what this term means. Many think “collaborative divorce” is basically a catch-phrase.

They think the phrase means the same as the phrases uncontested divorce, non contested divorce, simple divorce, etc. They do not realize that collaborative divorce is a unique way in which to resolve a divorce or family law matter.

Collaborative divorce is a process that was developed in 1990 by Stuart Webb. Stuart Webb is a Minnesota lawyer who did not think that traditional litigation was helping parties.

The reality is that collaborative divorce has now been around for three decades. Over time, many individuals throughout the country have resolved their divorce matters outside of court through collaborative divorce.

The process has now been etched in time tested procedures by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (“IACP”). IACP has ensures that there is general uniformity and guidelines in play for how collaborative divorce and family law matters are resolved.

If you are looking to resolve your divorce, or other family law matter, privately outside of court, the collaborative process is a process that you should consider. You can contact us today if you want to obtain more information.

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