Education on collaborative divorce

How do I educate my spouse on collaborative divorce?

In some situations, one spouse knows a lot about collaborative divorce. They might know of other friends or family members who have used it with great success. They might have read about it. They might have done some research on collaborative divorce and found it appealing.

But in some situations where a divorce is inevitable, the other spouse might not know anything about it. They might not know of others who have used it successfully. They might not have read or researched anything about it.

So, how does one educate their spouse about collaborative divorce if they know nothing about it? This is an interesting question that many ask. Of course, it is usually necessary for both parties to want to settle their divorce respectfully out of court. But if that is true, there are several possibilities.

First, some parties might want to discuss collaborative divorce with a marriage therapist or even a divorce coach. If the therapist or divorce coach is familiar with collaborative divorce and how it works, this can often help educate the other spouse.

Second, one spouse might think about purchasing a book or video on collaborative divorce and giving it to their spouse. There are numerous excellent books and videos that can be found online.

Third, one might even show their spouse information from the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. They might even show the data that parents who are able to settle amicably are normally more apt to co-parent and not end up back in court.

Ultimately, the collaborative process is less known by some compared when compared to mediation or kitchen-table divorces where parties simply try to settle through settlement negotiations. Educating the other spouse can often go a long way toward getting the other party to engage in a collaborative divorce.

If you are interested in a collaborative divorce, you can contact the Missouri Collaborative Institute today online.

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