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Who is present at collaborative sessions?

When some contemplate the idea of a collaborative divorce, they have a hard time visualizing how it works. Most know generally how a courtroom setting looks visually.  At least they think they do because they’ve likely seen it on the television or have seen a courtroom at some point in their life. But most have no realization of how a collaborative session looks. 

Obviously, different cases and different participants can result in different scenarios. Different practice groups can also have their own nuances and procedures. 

However, in a general sense, both parties going through the divorce or family law matter will be at any sessions. The collaborative lawyers hired by both sides are also going to be at these sessions. 

In addition to the parties and the collaborative divorce lawyers, the divorce coach is almost always at these sessions.  The divorce coach can often lead the discussion. In some places that follow the two-coach model, there might be a divorce coach for both parties. The divorce coach is a mental health expert who can help ensure that communication takes place in a productive matter. 

In sessions where finances or custody of children are being discussed, the financial neutral or child custody professional may also be present. These professionals help the parties navigate financial and custody issues that are in dispute. These professionals may not be at meetings where matters pertaining to their niche are not discussed. 

As to the location of these sessions, instead of the courthouse, these collaborative sessions / meetings are scheduled in a private sessions. This means that instead of a courthouse with a judge, the parties are in a private location of one of the professionals.

This can make the feel of the sessions much more like a therapy sessions versus a litigation scenario. For many parties, this is much more appealing than having to be in a courtroom litigating their case. 

If you are interested in a collaborative divorce, the Missouri Collaborative Institute can help. You can feel free to contact us online or give us a call. 


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