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Collaborative Divorce: Why do I Need a Team of Professionals?

A Divorce typically involves complex legal, financial, and emotional components that without a team of professionals to assist in the process of maneuvering through these issues can be overwhelming and result in an outcome that is not workable for either party.  To overcome the complex nature of the Divorce process, you may choose to hire a team of professional to conduct a Collaborative Divorce.  The three most common professionals involved in the Collaborative Divorce process includes: (1) a Coach, (2) Legal Counsel for each party, and (3) a Financial Neutral.

Legal Counsel: The legal component of this process is guided by each parties’ individual legal counsel who are hired to educate his or her client about particular legal rights and interests as well as help protect said rights and interests. Unlike the adversarial Court-system where the attorneys will conduct formal Discovery, depositions, and subpoena of records, here the attorneys and parties will work collaboratively to openly share financial information to help guide the parties to an amicable and workable solution for the division of assets and debts, for example. The attorneys are also responsible for preparing the pleadings necessary for filing and completing this case in the Court system after a full settlement agreement is reached by the parties.

Financial Neutral (Optional): The financial component of this process may be guided by legal counsel and a financial neutral. The parties may choose to hire a financial neutral based upon the recommendation of legal counsel to assist the parties in generating cash flow statements and future projections for the division of assets and debts, retirement account payouts and, among other things, maintenance payments.

Coach: It is the emotional component of this process that can cause each party to create a position that may halt the process from moving forward. The Coach who is typically a licensed psychologist will help the parties decide his and her goals and values, assist with keeping the process moving forward, and generate ideas with the parties and other Professionals through brainstorming activities to guide each party from an emotional position to a resolution that is workable and win-win for everyone involved.

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