Quiet and confidential divorce

Keep your divorce quiet and confidential

When parties are going through a divorce, many want to keep their divorce quiet and confidential. In other words, they might not want to be seen at a courthouse. They might not want the world the know they are getting divorced. This can be particularly true for well-known individuals in the community, including business leaders and celebrities.

When parties go through a litigated divorce in court, the reality is that there might be a lot of court appearances. Parties often have to go to court for various court dates. These court dates can be scheduling conferences, settlement conferences, pre-trial conferences, motion dates and even a trial date.

With all of these court appearances, the truth is that party might be seen in court. They might even be seen in court by others that know them. Or, others might see their name on a court docket posted in a courtroom. This can make the divorce a matter that is not private, but something that others learn about.

An advantage of collaborative divorce is that the case is mostly kept out of court. Except for a final presentation of the settlement paperwork, when a case settles in collaborative divorce, there are not all these court appearances. At most, there may only be one court appearance to present the final settlement paperwork.

In some instances, one court appearance might not even be necessary. When a case settles outside of court, lots of courts will allow the presentation of the settlement paperwork based on affidavits of the parties. This can help keeps the divorce of parties quiet and confidential.

Instead, collaborative meetings and negotiations take place in meetings in private sessions outside of court. Usually, these can take place in the office of one of the collaborative lawyers or one of the collaborative professionals.

If you are interested in a divorce that is kept outside of court, collaborative divorce is a solid option for many to consider. For individuals who are high-profile or well-known in the community, the need for a private divorce can be enhanced.

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