Divorce coach in collaborative divorce

The role of the divorce coach

Divorce can be a difficult process. However, there are various options when it comes to divorce. One of those options most should consider is options is collaborative divorce, which can be less adversarial than litigating your divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, parties work with various professionals to help resolve their divorce, including collaborative divorce attorneys, divorce coaches, in addition to financial experts.

Many are not sure what a divorce coach is and if it is different from a divorce attorney. The reality is that they are not the same. A collaborative divorce coach is normally a licensed mental health professional. A divorce coach can be a social worker, psychologist, or marriage/family therapist. To become an actual collaborative divorce coach, one must go through a two-day interdisciplinary training.

In some cases, one divorce coach can be utilized to assist in the collaborative process. In other cases, each spouse will have their own coach to help them during the collaborative divorce.

A divorce coach can assist the parties in controlling their emotions and communicate more productively with one another. After the divorce has concluded, a collaborative divorce coach may also keep helping the parties as needed.

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