Alternative to adversarial divorce

An alternative to adversarial divorce

A divorce does not have to be a heated court battle where one person feels like they won and one feels like they lost. Too often, in a contested divorce, both parties end up feeling like the case did not go the way they wanted.

An option to a litigated divorce is known as collaborative divorce. There are many pros to collaborative divorce. For example, the parties are better able to put inter control, versus the court’s control, the terms on vital issues.

As a result of the contentious nature of our court system, the result can often leave both parties feeling unsatisfied with the result. In addition, court proceedings take place in a courtroom, which means parties may end up airing their dirty laundry for others to see.

Collaborative practice is private and confidential. It allows the parties to work with each other at their own timing and pace to help reach a settlement. If children are involved, a collaborative divorce can help keep the children out of the middle.

Critically as well, studies have generally shown that couples who go through a collaborative divorce are more content with the result than those who litigate their case.

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