Don't get along and collaborative divorce

What if we don’t get along? Is the Collaborative process right for me?

Whether it is over an item mislabeled at the grocery store, or who will be next for seating at a crowded restaurant. Even generally speaking, resolving disputes for many people is not easy. Most of us can agree that the myriad of reasons for couples splitting apart can give rise to a variety of potential roadblocks on the path to resolution.

A common myth or misconception amongst those considering divorce is that it is necessary for those involved to get along to resolve a case outside of court. We’ll hear terms such as “uncontested” or “amicable” and one’s initial thought is that those are necessary conditions for alternative dispute resolution options. However, if terms such as “privacy,” “control,” “individuality,” “personal interests,” among other similar terms or phrases, are more important to you, then the Collaborative dispute resolution process is very likely right for you.

Under even the most trying of circumstances, the Collaborative processes and its interdisciplinary professionals can help empower individuals to resolve their decisions without court intervention. Collaborative professionals can provide you with support and guidance in reaching balanced, respectful, and lasting agreements.

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